Freight Forwarding & Documentation

In freight forwarding, our fleet of 50 over prime movers, trucks and over 200 trailers are geared up and ready to go at a moment notice. All of our vehicles are installed with In-Vehicle Monitoring System – Matrixnet, Mobileyes and VHF Radios for journey monitoring and cargo security.

Our comprehensive range of services includes stuffing & un-stuffing, repacking, removal, international freight forwarding, shipping documentation, customs clearance, Procurement Logistics and Total Supply Chain Management

Our comprehensive range of value-added services

Freight Forwarding

Fleet of 50 over prime movers, trucks and over 200 trailers are geared up and ready to go at a moment notice

Stuffing & Un-stuffing, Repacking & Removal

We take care of all the co-ordination in your shipment that includes the stuffing, packing and removal process.

Shipping Documentation & Customs Clearance

Rest assured that all your shipment is well documented and customs cleared.