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´╗┐Promise dealt blow

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SAN JOSE, Calif. There was just one last trip for the prince to make. And if there was a chance for democracy in his country of Tonga, the time was now.

As the country's only royal political reformer, Prince Tu'ipelehake had been meeting with the common people, asking what they wanted from their government, for their country's future.

Now he was in America to seek the opinions of expatriate Tongans. In the darkness of a California night, the prince, his wife and Billig Generisk Cialis their driver rode down the 101 highway. The next day, he planned to meet with San Francisco Bay "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" area Tongans.

Nearby, a white Mustang and a black Escalade were flying down the busy highway racing, according to witnesses, faster and faster, until they were going 90, maybe 100 mph.

Edith Delgado, the Mustang's driver, was 18, with a newly minted driver's license. Traffic was heavy; the SUV slowed, the Mustang didn't. on Route 101, and worlds were about to collide.

Aspiring to do better: Edith Delgado lived in a small, blue and white trailer home trimmed with rose bushes near the 101 outside Redwood City. It was the highway she took to meet her friends, go to parties and maybe the one that would one day lead her away from her ordinary life.

Delgado was a hard worker when she Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop wanted to be. At Best Buy (and later, at Bank of America) she earned enough Buy Cialis Switzerland to pay her cell phone bill and to feed her hunger for the Jordan tennis shoes that filled her closet to bursting.

The youngest of four, the baby who was both doted on and teased, she grew up watching her parents work hard to provide for her and her siblings. Her father, Jose Luis Delgado, is a fiberglass finisher, and her "Anabolika Definition" mother, Graciela Delgado, cares for a sick friend in her home.

She racked up hours at Best Buy but slowly neglected her high school classes. Often, friends say, she arrived late, never went to class at all or didn't do her homework. She was too busy at her job or just didn't want Testosterone Enanthate Liver to go.

But Delgado wanted a change. She wanted a better life, far away from Redwood City.

She enrolled at Redwood High School, a place for students who fall behind elsewhere. Principal Denise Plante immediately liked this spirited girl with brown, wavy hair and full lips, a silly, fun loving student who made friends easily and didn't give her teachers trouble.

Soon, Delgado made the honor roll. Plante rewarded her with pizza parties and other treats.

''She really wanted to do well,'' Plante said.

Priscilla Contreras had noticed the change in her friend. The two had grown up together, first in the trailer park, then in elementary school and later in high school. When Contreras had a baby, it was Delgado who would often come over and sit with her.

''She told me she didn't want to live her life just working,'' she said. ''She wanted to do something more. She wanted better for herself and for her mom.''

Her new job as a bank teller stoked her dreams. She loved working there; perhaps, she told her sister, she might someday be a loan officer.

In February, Delgado got her driver's license. She would plead with her father to allow her to drive his 1998 Mustang. Her friends recalled how much she loved that car.

''Come on, let me take the car,'' Delgado asked her father, according to her friend Carolina Galdamez. ''I'm just going to work.''

Voice for the people: The Kingdom of Tonga lies two thirds of the way Testoviron 250 O Sustanon 250 from Hawaii to New Zealand and a world away from the tiny trailer park where Edith Delgado lived. These are Capt. James Cook's Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage ''Friendly Islands,'' a Polynesian paradise of gorgeous, serene beaches and coconut palm trees, home to just 102,000 people.

In Tonga, families watch out for each other's children. Island life is so different from fast paced America, where many Tongans have moved to earn money to send home.